School’s Out!

5 Jun

Let the madness begin!

The kids are signed up for too much. We’ve become one of those families that I complain about. You know the ones who sign their kids up for everything? That’s us! All 3 kids are playing ball, the boys are signed up for swim team, T~ is in swimming lessons, E~ has 10 days of camp, G~ has 3 & T~ is going to camp with the neighbors (at their house). Both boys are taking Summer Band – E~ has 2 weeks of band camp & G~ has 7 weeks of lessons to get him started on his drums. E also will be doing College for Kids, a camp where he goes every morning for 2 weeks to a local college & takes 3 classes in various topics. I think he’s taking courses on WWII (no surprises there), Aerodynamic Design, & Sculpture. Oh, & piano lessons. I break out in hives just thinking about the schedule.

Maybe it feels worse since last summer I only had one kids to keep on schedule.

All this talk of schedules is making me tired. I think it might be time for a Summer Vacation Nap.


If Only I Wrote More…

19 May

Then I wouldn’t always be playing catch-up!

Couple of things:

Trip planning has been slow. We’re trying to decide between Hoi An & Phu Quoc as our ‘side trip’. The kids say Phu Quoc. J~ & I think both look amazing. Stay tuned…

G~ has his band interview on Wed. He REALLY wants percussion. I REALLY want something else, perhaps a tuba or a trombone? The cards are stacked against me though. Today his school hosted a Steel Drum band. G~ was beside himself with excitement. I can only imagine his review tonight…

E~ is almost done with Track. We are all thrilled. Track is a great sport but the meets are soooooo loooooooooooong (must be said in a whiny tone). E~ has been running the first race & then last race & maybe one in-between. Makes for some looooooooooong 3.5hr meets. Thankfully he’ll only have 3 instead of the original 7 scheduled. Never thought I’d be so happy for a rain out. E~ hasn’t been thrilled with the meets either. He enjoys practices & is really enjoying the hurdles. His last meet is on Friday. Yay!!

Then we’ll be fully into baseball. Both boys have had games already. T~ starts practice tonight, the same time as a baseball game, soccer practice, and a band concert.

The other exciting thing this week is our school is doing a Walking School Bus. We have quite a few walkers anyway, but Metropolis has a Blue Zone designation so they are pushing the walking bus. I’m on a ‘driving’ team which means a neighbor & I do what we normally do – walk our kids to school only we’re adding another 10 kids to our regular routine. It’ll be a fun thing to do for all of us except for Kenai. He’s not allowed on the bus :-( It didn’t take him long to figure out the walking to school routine & he was pretty upset about being left out.

Off to get kids from school & start our crazy evening!


It’s On!

30 Apr

We bought tickets for our trip to Vietnam this week! We’re all super excited to be heading back/going for the first time!

It was a long process but we finally found a travel agency that was helpful & we got a great rate! Plus we get 10 hours in Tokyo. We’re hoping to get out of the airport for a quick Japanese experience too.

Yes. Our kids are really spoiled ;-)

My hope is not to leave them a monetary legacy but a legacy of adventure. We’re well on our way!


Puppy, Work, School, Track, Scouts, Mayo, Running, Soccer, Chess, Art…

14 Apr

Now you’re all caught up on the last month!


Kenai is growing & growing & growing. He weighs in at 42lbs at not quite 4 months. He gets snipped in 11 days & I am excited he gets to stay at the vet’s overnight!

It’s actually not going too badly. Puppies are a lot of work, something I knew, but now I KNOW it. He’ll be worth it, someday ;-) Kenai loves to snuggle up on a lap, he is enthusiastic about everything, he loves a good nap, & he’s a lot less mouthy than he was a week ago. We are just about done with Puppy Preschool. Pretty sure he’s going to fail. He does ‘sit’ & ‘down’ just fine but he’s not great on a leash & is indifferent about coming when he’s called. We’ve been working hard this week on those two things & maybe he’ll surprise me. Some weeks he does great in class, other weeks, not so much. Probably the biggest hurdle with the dog is his constant diarrhea. We’re on our second round of antibiotics & things are firming up nicely. Hopefully it’ll stay that way…


I started my seasonal job at J~’s office right after we got the dog. I’ve only been able to do a few hours at a time because of the dog & my other commitments but that’s worked okay. This year I’m not filling seed, I’m putting them away. I thought I would hate it, but I actually really enjoy it. Putting the planting packets away is like a humongous puzzle. It’s nice & mindless.


The weather is above 20 most mornings so we are now walking to school. It’s really nice to have a dog in tow again. He cries when the kids cross to the school & we turn around and head home. The kids are all doing well. G~ is in the middle of his huge State Fest project. He’s very excited because his state is Alaska. T~ is plugging along & E~ is doing fine too. Although Track just started so I fully expect his schoolwork to come crashing down on him at some point. Which brings us to


I am not a fan. I love the events but the meets take FOREVER!! His very first meet was 3+ hours. 3!!! And he only ran 3 races, none of which I actually saw because I arrived late (Running Club) & had to leave early (Puppy Preschool). He has a meet tomorrow & I’m hoping to make all the races. My sister loaned me a book so I’ll have something to do.


I have a love-hate relationship with this organization. E~ seemed ready to quit but then he finally made some friends in his troop & now he’s working his tail off to get his ranks done. G~ is a year away from joining E~’s troop & is ready to go. He went on a campout with E~ & J~ a few weekends ago & loved it. I enjoyed it too because not only were all 3 boys gone, T~ went to a friend’s house for an overnight too. I really enjoyed the peace & quiet of my own house.


Which was sorely needed after sharing a hotel room with my sister who decided not to bring her CPAP & snored for 2 nights. Plus all the brain prodding that went on. But we’ll discuss Mayo in another post.


I’m half way through this years Running Club, which is now called Stride Club (so we can incorporate walkers). I enjoy it. I do not enjoy having to plan for all weather conditions. Last week was gorgeous. Today it snowed. Such is April…


Spring Soccer is the worst sport ever. Even worse than Track.


G~ is doing Chess Club at school & loving it. I think there are more kids in Chess Club than in Stride Club.


G~ is also doing Art Club. He’s at school late 3 days a week now. And he’s just fine with that ;-) E~ is also taking Art this quarter. It’s his favorite Quarter Class. He’s thrilled because he gets all the make-up snow days in Art instead of in the class he initially missed because of the weather.

I think the two readers I have left are now mostly caught up. See you in May!

Or hopefully sooner ;-)



Dog Days

16 Mar

It’s been a month since we brought Kenai home. Most days it feels a lot longer. BUT it’s not all bad. We’re finally finding our groove.

Potty training went very well. We’re not done, but for the most part he’s been really good. We only had a handful of accidents in the house & most of those were due to inattention. Kenai signals pretty well, & I could tell he felt bad the last time he had a potty accident. He was dancing pretty well but I was deep in conversation with E~ & was doing a great job of ignoring Kenai’s signal.

Kenai has claimed his kennel as his own & is now starting to sleep in there even when he doesn’t have to. All good things.

We started Puppy Preschool a few weeks ago & that has been a big help. He can sit & lie down on command & he walks okay on a leash (most days). Our next big task is getting him to come when called & having him wait before leaving a room or more importantly, the house. He has a tendency to dart outside at the smallest crack of the door.

At his vet appointment last week he weighed in at a whopping 28lbs. At 12 weeks old. He’s not going to be a little dog…




Meet Kenai

24 Feb


Kenai has been with us just over a week.

He’s a big guy.

He’s been doing fine at night. The first few nights he was up a lot but now he’s sleeping in his kennel until about 6. He’s had a few accidents in the house, mostly when we’re not paying attention. The post nap potty still catches me off guard. He was doing fine walking on a leash but has now decided he doesn’t like it. I’d be okay with that since it’s super cold out again but his energy level requires some sort of exercise or my furniture won’t survive the afternoon. I’ve got some calls made to puppy preschools so I’m hoping to start classes next week with him.

For the most part he’s been a good dog. He’s doing well with ‘sit’ & I’ll start on ‘stay’ next.

If I don’t sound overly enthusiastic it’s because I’m a little resentful of the loss of my freedom. It’s nice to come home to a house that is no longer empty, but it stinks to have to plan my day around potty breaks.

This kid is enamored.


Makes it all worthwhile.


Last Night’s Visitor

12 Feb

E~ is currently taking Family & Consumer Science (FCS) or as it used to be known, Home Ec. The current unit is on infant care. Last night he brought home his Real Care Baby. Baby turned on at 5 last night & E~’s stress level went up too. The first two times Baby cried he could not get it to stop (it shuts off after 2 minutes). Turns out, the diaper had to go on a specific way. After he had his first success, E~ was a little more relaxed. Baby was pretty well behaved last night. It ate, it slept, it pottied. About the time E~ went to bed Baby started to get fussy & E~ started to panic. E~ was up until about 10 rocking & feeding Baby. Baby finally settled in until about 5. At that point, sleep was over for the both of them. I have a feeling I will have a tired teen tonight after school.K~


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