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Lamenting the Passage of Time

27 Jan

Recently, J~ & I took E~ to the high school for an informational meeting on freshman registration. So many big feelings about this. I kept looking at him thinking “how are we here already?!?”

This kid is now 14. He can legally drive in our state (due to archaic rules that won’t ever be changed because RURAL RULES! How will we survive if our pubescent children can’t drive big, heavy, people-killing machines to school while texting friends they will see in a few short minutes if they happen to arrive at school safely??). Where was I? Getting older.

Do you remember the long days with your littles? The days that weighed so heavily on your hands? The days when you couldn’t wait for nap time. The days when all you seemed to do was clean up messes, feed little people who made more messes, & try to find enjoyment in those messes? Do you remember wiping yet another butt & long for the day when no one will need you to wipe them? Do you remember teaching your kid to ride a two-wheel bike? The first day of preschool? How much you cried on the first day of Kindergarten?

And now here we are. Preschool & Kindergarten are long gone. The two-wheeled bike sits in the garage barely used because it’s cooler to walk. Butts get wiped by their owner & occasionally even get clothed in fresh undies. Messes still get made but now they clean them up on their own, unless you count the prompting 😉 Days rush by between school & activities & lessons & homework. Now we rejoice when we can all eat supper together more than 3 nights a week.

I find myself aching with nostalgia for those long days of littles. But more than that, I find myself grasping at the current days, wishing they’d stay just a little longer. High School will be over in a blink of an eye. Way before we’re ready, our house will be empty. Go ahead, roll your eyes because my oldest is only 14. Or you can take this as your warning! Your kiddo will be 14 soon enough & you’ll find yourself fighting the urge to grab that mom in Target with her cartload of littles, & tell her to enjoy it because *sob* before she knows it, they’ll be in high school.

I’m going to be a mess on the first day of high school & pretty much all days after that.



Post Trip Funk

11 Jan

I knew there would be a let down, but compound that with stupid cold temps & you have a depression going through the house.

We all feel it. The kids say at least twice a day that they want to go back & two of the three have plans to live in Vietnam. The other one wants to live abroad too; he just doesn’t know where he’ll settle yet.

Things we miss about Vietnam that are not weather related:

  • Fresh vegetables – we’re so over carrots & celery & broccoli. Give us some sauteed pumpkin greens & banana flower salad.
  • Fresh fruit at every meal. Watermelon & dragonfruit for breakfast. Mango for lunch. Pineapple for a snack & the tangerines were to die for.
  • Driving around on motorbikes
  • We’d rather walk around motorbikes & diners & carpet cutters on the sidewalk than unshoveled sidewalks
  • Our friends. We are all missing the CP family. We had a tight bond before but now it’s even tighter.
  • Coconut coffee
  • Pop at every meal <– that’s the kids. I don’t miss pop.

We need something else to think about. But not anything that we need to think about like getting back to training the dog & swim meets & basketball practice & school projects & regular old boring life.


I wonder if J~ can get a trip to Puerto Rico scheduled for work yet this winter…


You Know It’s Been Awhile When You Have to Recover Your Password

28 Jul

So, Summer. It’s nearly over. Only 3 weeks & the busiest summer we’ve ever had will be in the books.

Baseball & softball ended just over a week ago. E~’s team was very young & it showed. I’m frustrated with the league because they stacked teams. There were a few teams where all the boys shaved & then you have E~’s team where maybe 2 or 3 kids were shaving. It creates a bit of a disadvantage. G~’s team did just fine. They had a good mix of abilities. They won some, they lost some. G~ gained skills & was quite good at-bat. T~’s league was very much a beginner league. It was fine last year but T~ could use a little more of a real-game league rather than the ‘Everyone gets on base every inning’ league. But my biggest pet-peeve about ball is that it lasts FOREVER! The last 2 weeks of the season I had kids crying because they had yet another game. My philosophy of youth sports is leave the kids wanting more rather than having them cry because they just want their evenings back. Oh, wait. That might have been me crying…

On the flip side of ball is swimming. The boys swam for the neighborhood team this year & both of them really liked it. They had 5 meets. They improved their skills greatly. The best part, besides the fact that I didn’t have to drive them to practice, was they never complained about the early morning swim. Every morning E~ was up by 6:15 to grab a granola bar on his way out the door. G~’s practice wasn’t until 8:30, but he was still out the door shortly after 8. I think he didn’t want to miss the little ‘biker gang’ that made their way to the pool every morning for practice.

T~ started swimming lessons last week & is really liking it. She’s made a lot of progress in just 4 lessons. Excited to see what she can do at the end of the session!

Time to start the day. I’ll try to post some pictures from our camping trip from the past weekend later this week.


School’s Out!

5 Jun

Let the madness begin!

The kids are signed up for too much. We’ve become one of those families that I complain about. You know the ones who sign their kids up for everything? That’s us! All 3 kids are playing ball, the boys are signed up for swim team, T~ is in swimming lessons, E~ has 10 days of camp, G~ has 3 & T~ is going to camp with the neighbors (at their house). Both boys are taking Summer Band – E~ has 2 weeks of band camp & G~ has 7 weeks of lessons to get him started on his drums. E also will be doing College for Kids, a camp where he goes every morning for 2 weeks to a local college & takes 3 classes in various topics. I think he’s taking courses on WWII (no surprises there), Aerodynamic Design, & Sculpture. Oh, & piano lessons. I break out in hives just thinking about the schedule.

Maybe it feels worse since last summer I only had one kids to keep on schedule.

All this talk of schedules is making me tired. I think it might be time for a Summer Vacation Nap.


If Only I Wrote More…

19 May

Then I wouldn’t always be playing catch-up!

Couple of things:

Trip planning has been slow. We’re trying to decide between Hoi An & Phu Quoc as our ‘side trip’. The kids say Phu Quoc. J~ & I think both look amazing. Stay tuned…

G~ has his band interview on Wed. He REALLY wants percussion. I REALLY want something else, perhaps a tuba or a trombone? The cards are stacked against me though. Today his school hosted a Steel Drum band. G~ was beside himself with excitement. I can only imagine his review tonight…

E~ is almost done with Track. We are all thrilled. Track is a great sport but the meets are soooooo loooooooooooong (must be said in a whiny tone). E~ has been running the first race & then last race & maybe one in-between. Makes for some looooooooooong 3.5hr meets. Thankfully he’ll only have 3 instead of the original 7 scheduled. Never thought I’d be so happy for a rain out. E~ hasn’t been thrilled with the meets either. He enjoys practices & is really enjoying the hurdles. His last meet is on Friday. Yay!!

Then we’ll be fully into baseball. Both boys have had games already. T~ starts practice tonight, the same time as a baseball game, soccer practice, and a band concert.

The other exciting thing this week is our school is doing a Walking School Bus. We have quite a few walkers anyway, but Metropolis has a Blue Zone designation so they are pushing the walking bus. I’m on a ‘driving’ team which means a neighbor & I do what we normally do – walk our kids to school only we’re adding another 10 kids to our regular routine. It’ll be a fun thing to do for all of us except for Kenai. He’s not allowed on the bus 😦 It didn’t take him long to figure out the walking to school routine & he was pretty upset about being left out.

Off to get kids from school & start our crazy evening!


Is It Over Yet?

18 Dec

This week is endless. The kids need a backhoe to get them out of bed in the morning.

It’s cold outside. G~ has a cold. I feel off. T~ is crabby. E~ had to get a haircut. It’s a lot to deal with the week before our 2 week break.

I don’t really want a snow day because that means the kids go to school in June but I would really love a snow day because I am done getting out of bed. I long for 2 solid weeks of yoga pants, slippers, movies, books, movies, books, junk food, & most importantly, not having to go anywhere except maybe to the store to get more ice cream.

I’m wrapping presents today so I’ll know if I’m done shopping yet. I know I’m not, but wrapping will give me a chance to see who is over or under their allotted amount.

Where’s my Cherry Coke? If I’m going to make it through the day, I’m going to need some help…


I’m Still Alive

13 Nov

Alive? Yes.

Sane? No way!

I kept meaning to sit down & write out the next post about T~ but then something explodes or implodes & I need to put on my Super Mom or Super Lego cape & fly to the rescue.

I’m a little tired of the superhero gig.

I promise I will get a post about T~ up soon. Today is not that day.

Did I ever post about my grand plan for Lego League for the year? I do not have a child in the program but I think it’s a great thing & starting from scratch is hard so I thought I’d help get the ball rolling this year – find some volunteers, get things organized, set the structure – & then turn them loose, in hopes that continuity would make it easier for me next year when G~ is eligible for LL.

Didn’t quite work that way. Instead, I have 6 engineers that are helping with programming & 7 moms helping with the research project. I was so excited to have so many competent volunteers. The first week I could picture myself backing out of the room & going home with my kids at the end of the school day & not having any Lego-related nightmares.
HA!My current Lego nightmares involve adults coming to blows & a team that was under the tutelage of a mom who has a horrific attitude & no filter. It’s been the least fun Lego League year yet!I have now stepped back into the fray & am answering asinine emails about what to do with a child who can’t wait their turn or the one who won’t stop picking their nose. Actually, that’s the same kid. Oh, there’s one who prefers to play rather than program – she’s not sure what to do about that either. And I’m helping shape their research project & doing lunchtime programming for the other team.

Super Jack of All Trades, Master of None – That’s me!