Post Trip Funk

11 Jan

I knew there would be a let down, but compound that with stupid cold temps & you have a depression going through the house.

We all feel it. The kids say at least twice a day that they want to go back & two of the three have plans to live in Vietnam. The other one wants to live abroad too; he just doesn’t know where he’ll settle yet.

Things we miss about Vietnam that are not weather related:

  • Fresh vegetables – we’re so over carrots & celery & broccoli. Give us some sauteed pumpkin greens & banana flower salad.
  • Fresh fruit at every meal. Watermelon & dragonfruit for breakfast. Mango for lunch. Pineapple for a snack & the tangerines were to die for.
  • Driving around on motorbikes
  • We’d rather walk around motorbikes & diners & carpet cutters on the sidewalk than unshoveled sidewalks
  • Our friends. We are all missing the CP family. We had a tight bond before but now it’s even tighter.
  • Coconut coffee
  • Pop at every meal <– that’s the kids. I don’t miss pop.

We need something else to think about. But not anything that we need to think about like getting back to training the dog & swim meets & basketball practice & school projects & regular old boring life.


I wonder if J~ can get a trip to Puerto Rico scheduled for work yet this winter…



One Response to “Post Trip Funk”

  1. Nicole Hawkinson January 19, 2015 at 8:28 pm #

    I have not visited your blog forever! It was such a treat to stumble onto it today. What a great trip! I’m inspired. We are heading overseas this summer with the kids. Reading your posts ignited my excitement even more!

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