Welcome to my little corner of chaos! The blog started as my journal for our adoption experience & has since evolved into our family journal.

A little about us.


The reason for the chaos

I am K~, a 30-something wife to J~ & mom to my three kids, E~, G~ & T~. I spend my days trying to turn my ankle biters into functioning human beings. Some days are more successful than others. I like to cook & bake & out of necessity, run.


My hubby J~ is my partner in chaos. He works in the agriculture field doing not-so-politically-correct things to corn. He makes me laugh like no one else can & enjoys my experimental cooking.

E~ is my firstborn. He’s 10 this year & in 4th grade. He’s a smart kid & spends his off hours riding scooters & bikes with his siblings & building Lego’s.

Love at first sight

He could bore George Lucas to tears with his knowledge of Star Wars.


G~ is second in line. He’s 7 & in 1st grade. The first thing people notice about him is his awesome hair.

Even at 1.5 he had gorgeous locks

Besides his great head of hair, he’s a tender-hearted kids who loves his family & friends & would do anything for them. G~ loves school, mostly for the socializing.


T~ is my youngest. She’s 4 & attends a neighborhood co-op for preschool. T~ loves to sing, dance, & play pretend. She has an eclectic sense of style which matches her personality.

A Classic T~ outfit

We adopted T~ from Vietnam in 2007. You can click on Caringbridge in the Categories box if you want to look back at the blog that started it all. We traveled in March & April of 2007 & you can find the travel posts in the archives.


We live in Metropolis in a Northernish Midwest State. We’ve been in Metropolis for 2 years, having moved from Rural City in Neighboring Midwest State. We lived in Rural City for almost 11 years & miss it terribly.

I decided to go anonymous about a year ago. I’m sure if you dig hard enough, you’ll uncover our real names. Please use our initials instead of our names in any comments. Occasionally I protect a post. If you’d like the password, please email me at threekidchaos@gmail.com & tell me a little about you. I truly don’t mind sharing the password, but I prefer to know who has access to those posts. If you have any questions or private comments, use the same email address.

Thanks for stopping by!


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