Narita, 12.31.14

30 Dec

We made it to Japan! Our flight from HCMC was uneventful. We tried to get some sleep but only T~ was able to get comfortable enough to sleep.

We had a 10hr layover in Narita so we decided to leave the airport & get a Japan stamp in our passports.

There’s a temple in Narita that is easy to get to. Just change some money to Yen, buy train tickets, stop at Starbucks for breakfast, figure out how to work the entrance gate, board the train & voila! you are in Narita!

We walked through the town to the temple. It was good to get out & stretch our legs a bit. The temple was a fine place to explore but we preferred the gardens.


As the morning went on, we were all finding it harder & harder to put one foot in front of the other. It was time to head back to the airport while we were still somewhat functional. On the way back, we were looking for lunch and found lots of places to eat eel but not much else. The eel was okay. A little fishy for me. E~ really liked it though. The rest of us were looking for something a little less authentic so we settled for pancakes at the airport. And then naps.

We boarded our flight for Chicago at 5 & settled in for the long flight home.



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