HCMC, 12.30.14

30 Dec

It’s our last day in Vietnam. We’re all sad to be leaving tonight.

We went to the pool early today (9 is early when you’re on vacation). We need to be out of our apartment by 12 so we need to cram a swim, some showers, & packing in before check out.

Packing wasn’t too bad. We are only overweight on one suitcase and that’s probably only by a pound or two. We’re hoping the airline won’t notice since we don’t want to repack if we don’t have to. I thought we did a good job of not bringing too much extra clothes, but as usual, we had plenty of clothes we never wore.

After checking out of the hotel we found a little place for a Banh Mi lunch. Banh Mi is essentially a sub sandwich but better. Lots of fresh veggies & a spicy chili sauce instead of mayo. It was delicious. After lunch we were picked up for our tour of the Cu Chi tunnels. Our goal was to find something that will fill up the afternoon. We met our goal but that’s about all I can say about that excursion that is positive.

The drive to the tunnels took a long time. I think the tunnels are less than 30 miles from our hotel but it took at least an hour to get to the edge of the city. And then it was another 30-40 minutes to the tunnels. The tour was supposed to include an English speaking guide. Our guide might have spoken English but we’ll never really know since he never really talked to us. He gave no explanations at the exhibits. Anything we learned was from listening to another groups guide. We spent a lot of time being herded from one thing to the next, not ever really learning about what we were seeing. The longest part of the tour was the stop at the shooting range/souvenir shop. The kids did not enjoy that. The shooters had ear protections, we did not. It made me plenty nervous to be within spitting distance of a bunch of tourists shooting off AK-47’s.

After losing our hearing, we were herded to the actual tunnels. T~ freaked out after about 10ft into the first tunnel so we backed out & waited for our group at the exit. She stayed above ground for the second tunnel & I was able to go in that one. After the tunnels we had tapioca (did you know it’s not just pudding? It seems like a cross between at banana & coconut) & tea and then were herded onto the bus. The bus turned around 3 different times because the drive back to HCMC wasn’t going to be long enough or something like that. We finally got back to the hotel after 7.

Here’s a couple of pics from the tunnel ‘tour’.

He escaped!

He escaped!

Looking into a tunnel.

Looking into a tunnel.

After a quick supper of Pho we, we headed back to the hotel to change our clothes & get a taxi to the airport.

It’s so hard to believe that the trip is over. Not sure how to feel about that.



One Response to “HCMC, 12.30.14”

  1. Kristi Leckband January 5, 2015 at 3:42 pm #

    These tunnels look be tight and dark. Ack.

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