HCMC, 12.28

28 Dec

Saigon is very different from Hanoi. It’s busier & yet not busier at the same time. There’s tons of traffic but there are stop lights & for the most part, people obey them. It’s cleaner. It’s hotter. It’s more cosmopolitan. It’s also more expensive.

This morning J~ made breakfast this morning in our kitchen. It was nice to not go out for a meal, even if the French Toast was done one piece at a time 😉 After breakfast we walked to the Cathedral for church. There’s a large Catholic population here in HCMC & the cathedral has 7 services on Sunday’s, one of which was in English. We didn’t stay for the whole thing. It was stuffy & communion was going to take forever. We wandered over to the Central Post Office & sent ourselves a post card. Wondering if it will beat us home. We tried to find the Reunification Palace but when we’d finally found the front gate, it was closing for lunch. It looked like an office building so none of us were too excited to pay for a tour anyway.

So far since we’ve been in HCMC we’ve eaten very American. Yesterday we ate at the KFC (it was right across the street from the hotel, it was after 1pm & we were hungry. Don’t judge). Today we ate at Hard Rock Cafe. The meal was meh, the price was outlandish & now I’m having a little travelers digestive issues. I blame the crappy American food.

This afternoon we spent lounging around the apartment & when that got old, we went for a swim. Tonight we headed to the touristy area for supper (found it!) & some souvenirs. I found myself calculating the cost of a flight to Hanoi plus a taxi. It’s pricey here. We should have shopped more in Hanoi. Oh well. Hoping to finish up that stuff tomorrow at the big market, Ben Thanh. The big markets are so huge & crazy, I don’t really relish the idea of going, but we must spend our money!

Hard to believe we only have 2 more days here!



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