HCMC, 12.27.14

27 Dec

You know you’ve been gone from home too long when the sight of a washer/dryer in your hotel room brings a smile to your face.

But that is what we found in our serviced apartment in HCMC. Trying to find accommodations for a family of 5 is no easy feat here in Vietnam. Our hotel in Hanoi was very accommodating. Our hotel in Hoi An was moderately accommodating. All the things we looked at in HCMC were pricey & wouldn’t allow 5 adults in one room. Kids over 5 count as adults. Seems reasonable.

Anyway, we are staying at a Somerset residence close to the cathedral & other attractions. The biggest attraction at the hotel is the pool. And the heat that is needed to make the pool an attraction. We are all loving the heat & humidity. We’ll be storing it up for the next few days so we can survive the long winter.

We haven’t done anything here in HCMC except eat, swim, & look for a grocery store. And play cards. Tomorrow we’re going to church at the cathedral. They have an English service at 9:30. After that, the hunt is on for groceries (the apartment has a kitchen with a refrigerator!!) and probably some souvenirs. Our plans for HCMC include a trip to the Cu Chi Tunnels & relaxing by the pool.

Until tomorrow!



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