Hoi An, 12.26.14

26 Dec

Funnest Day Yet!

Today was the day the guys have been waiting for. We rented motorbikes this morning & spent the day driving around Hoi An. J~ & I had an early start on the bike since we needed to head into town to pick up our laundry. No pictures of us being just like the locals with our big bag of laundry covered up with rain ponchos.

When we returned, we gathered the troops & everyone to the bikes! It was time to hit the beach. Our group of 8 people on 3 bikes traversed the countryside, narrowly missing being hit by a taxi, making it through a few busy intersections, following a dump truck on a soggy, messy, muddy road, & avoiding policeman on the lookout for helmet violators (we had three law breakers in our group). Luckily, our lunch stop fixed not only our hunger, but also our helmet issue.

We stopped at this little restaurant & the owner was phenomenal. She was so welcoming, she even parked our bikes (which involves crossing the street & driving up on the sidewalk & wedging them together so other customers can park too). She told us what to order & if we didn’t like it, she’d make us something else. We didn’t need to worry. Everything was excellent. But she went above & beyond. J~ & I needed to get some cash & the closest ATM was out of money so she drove J~ to another ATM instead of trying to direct him there. Then when we asked if we could buy or borrow some helmets for our violators, she grabbed some & said just bring them back when we’re done. She waved us on our way, bellies & hearts full.

We weren’t far from our destination – the beach. I think it’s called Cua Dai beach? Anyway, the water was pretty rough but that didn’t stop the kids. They were so excited to splash around.


After the beach came the sad part – the last trip on the bikes. We’re all hooked. It was so much fun tooling around on motor bikes.


It was a little scary too. The traffic in Hoi An isn’t terribly crazy, but there are still bikers, stray dogs, cattle, old people, young kids on bikes, taxi’s & a thousand other hazards to watch out for.

Tonight we headed into Hoi An for our last supper with the CP family. It’ll be hard to say good-bye to them in the morning. We started this Vietnam adventure with them nearly 8 years ago & we’re so thankful we got to spend this trip with them too.




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