Hoi An, 12.25.14

25 Dec

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is not an official holiday here so it was business as usual all around us. We changed things up a bit by having a very low-key morning. We slept late, opened presents (we brought one gift for each of the kids. A Lego. Surprised? I didn’t think so), had a leisurely breakfast, & spend the rest of the morning sitting on the dock or building Lego’s. It was lovely. We all needed the downtime. It was raining so our plan to head to the beach didn’t happen. And that was just fine.

We eventually ended up in town to pick up the clothes we had made & have a late lunch/early supper. The plan was to spend the evening watching a Christmas movie but that didn’t pan out either. Instead, we played Uno & called it a night.

It was an odd Christmas in that it didn’t really feel like Christmas. And not just the weather. Missing church, not having a tree, no cranberry muffins to start the day, no Christmas dinner – it all felt weird. However, we now have the tradition of Christmas Hitting & possibly a dance party so it’s all good. That will all make more sense when I can get that picture off my phone.

That’s all for now.




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