Ha Long Bay, 12.20.14

20 Dec

It was time to get out of the city! We were all getting a little sick of the pollution & the noise & were more than ready for a change of scenery. We booked a 3 day/2 night trip to Ha Long Bay. J~, T~, & I had been before & the boys were excited to experience one of Vietnam’s prettiest sights.

It’s a long bus ride to Ha Long Bay; another 4 hours north, & we’d be in China. I promise not to do too much of the ‘7yrs ago…’ thing but the differences were striking. When we were there 7 yrs ago (#1), it was crowded, but not nearly as overrun as it is now. The bay was full of boats. Our trip through the Sung Sot Cave was like being herded through Uncle Ho’s museum. It was a little nuts. J~ & I were both disappointed & thinking we’d made a huge mistake in bringing the kids here. However, after the cave tour, things got better. We did a little bit of kayaking from a floating village. That was fun. We all love kayaking.

After an excellent supper, we retired to our rooms & played some card games before being gently rocked to sleep by the waves of the bay.

A couple of differences J~ & I noticed that were improvements. Now, instead of walking a gang plank to board your boat, they ferry you out to your boat. And there’s no more ram-parking of the big boat. Everything is done by ferries. We chose a different cruise outfitter this time & the rooms & the food were vastly better than Kangaroo Cafe. They weren’t bad, but this outfit was awesome! The food was amazing & the rooms were spacious & the bathrooms were well appointed. We all enjoy HOT showers! On a boat!

Here’s a couple of pics from the first day of the cruise.




Up next, Nam Cat Island.



One Response to “Ha Long Bay, 12.20.14”

  1. Kara December 23, 2014 at 8:27 am #

    Absolutely gorgeous! 🙂

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