Hanoi 12.18.14

19 Dec

We saw a dead body today!

It was Ho Chi Minh. He’s been dead since 1969 & against his wishes, Vietnam had his body embalmed & put on display in Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum.

Seeing the body was a very local thing to do, as evidenced by the hoards of school kids waiting in line with us. The line moved pretty quickly & the process took less than an hour. T~ was very unsure about going into the tomb but she said afterwards that it wasn’t as scary as she’d thought. That’s pretty typical 😉

After visiting Uncle Ho, we were herded past the presidential palace & Uncle Ho’s stilt house. It was crazy. The mass of school children was fun.


They loved E~ & G~ & wanted to touch their hair & shake their hands. My kids were a little shy at first but then began to enjoy the attention. We also visited Uncle Ho’s Museum. After lunch & leisurely walk back to the hotel, we plugged the kids in & took a break.

It was a pretty low-key day; much needed.

We met the CP family for supper before they caught their train to Hue & then walked around Hoan Kiem Lake.



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