Hanoi 12.17

17 Dec

Wednesday morning was a trip down memory lane. We started our day with a stop at our new favorite coffee shop, Cong Caphe for an coconut coffee smoothie. It fortified us for our walk to Unity Park (formerly known as Lenin Park). When J~ & I were here in 2007, we took pictures of kids in these giant inflatable plastic bubbles out on the lake. E~ & G~ have been talking about doing that very thing for years. Unfortunately, the plastic bubbles weren’t in operation today. The kids took the disappointment remarkably well. The kids had a chance to play on the playground & exercise equipment before the masses of school kids descended. After we left the park we walked to see if the hotel we had stayed at was still there. It was. The place we bought T~’s formula was still there too. No Sunny Baby was on the shelf though.

After our Memory lane trip, we headed over to West Lake to have lunch with our expat friends, A~, J~, & their two girls. We ate at a place called 1946. The food was good, as you’d expect, but it was a stretch for some of us. We had banana flower salad, stir-fried pumpkin greens, squid, fried corn, corn water (exactly what you think it is. I have now found a new use for the water I boil corn on the cob in), tofu, clam soup, & these little fried fish things that tasted like fish crackers. The kids tried most of it & seemed to enjoy the fish dish the most. IMG_2035

After lunch we went to Dong Xuan Market. That was a bit overwhelming. So many people. So much stuff. We bought enough cards for Tet to last us until T~ is out of elementary & we no longer celebrate with her class. My favorite part of the market was the spices. Who knew star anise came in both red & brown? So fragrant. I kind of wanted to bring home a big bark of cinnamon but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t survive the trip home intact. After the market we went for more coffee, this time the coffee came with egg white foam. It was pretty tasty too. We had to say good-bye to our friends since they are heading to America for Christmas tomorrow. It was fun to spend so much time with them & get a good insiders look at Hanoi. Today’s coffee shop was through a dress shop


A~ driving her motorbike through the shop & down the hall to park her bike at the coffee shop.


& then up, up, up.


That’s E~ & G~ finishing the 3rd of 4 flights of stairs in search of a bathroom.


The view was well worth the climb.


Not the guy, the view of the city with the pagoda.

We said good-bye to our friends, did a little shopping & now we’re relaxing in the hotel before heading out for supper. Such is life for the world traveler 😉




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