One Week

3 Dec

We leave in a week. A trip that we have been planning for 3 years is actually going to happen! I waver between excitement & panic. So many things to see & experience & yet, so much packing & prep work to do!

I’m avoiding a few tasks today because that always works. The upside is, you get a blog post!

The Itinerary

Day 1 – drive to Chicago after school

Day 2 – fly

Day 3 – fly some more & eventually end up in Hanoi

Day 4 – 11 Hanoi. We’ll cover things like museums, museums, water puppets, parks, shopping, & museums

Day 12 – 17 Hoi An. We’ll be spending our days at a resort doing resorty things with some dear friends.

Day 17 – 20 HCMC. E~ wants to do the Cu Chi tunnel tour. We’ll do some more museums and sight-seeing.

Day 21 – fly home with a stop in Narita Japan

Day 22 – 26 try to adjust to normal life in time to send the kids back to school.

In the meantime, I need to locate another suitcase, write out instructions for our dog/house sitter, find headphones for the kids, gather books and movies for the 20hrs of travel we will do in one day, kick this head cold, arrange a few more travel details, clean the house, you know, important things…

Better get to it.



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