South Canada

20 Aug

It’s time for vacation pictures!

Never again will we vacation the week before school starts. We need at least a week to decompress from our vacation. Maybe school is the vacation??

Our trip started in Homestate’s Capital. We needed to pick up J~ from a conference there. While we were waiting, we toured the capital building.


When J~ was done we headed north to South Canada to see my sister. While we were there, the kids jumped on the trampoline


Built a hay fort


And slept in a treehouse


We also visited a WWII plane museum. E~ was thrilled. He is our resident WWII air craft expert.

J~, E~ & I had all read a book this summer called A Higher Call & the plane featured in the book was also on display at the museum. We were pretty excited to see it.

German Air Force Messerschmidt

German Air Force Messerschmidt

You should really read the book. It’s an incredible story & from a perspective we don’t often see. Seriously good book.

Way too soon, it was time to leave South Canada & head north to Northern South Canada. We visited some more family, played with toddlers, rode a mule, & taught E~ some basic driving skills.


On our way farther north, we picked up Uncle Jim & headed to our final destination – Canada.




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