You Know It’s Been Awhile When You Have to Recover Your Password

28 Jul

So, Summer. It’s nearly over. Only 3 weeks & the busiest summer we’ve ever had will be in the books.

Baseball & softball ended just over a week ago. E~’s team was very young & it showed. I’m frustrated with the league because they stacked teams. There were a few teams where all the boys shaved & then you have E~’s team where maybe 2 or 3 kids were shaving. It creates a bit of a disadvantage. G~’s team did just fine. They had a good mix of abilities. They won some, they lost some. G~ gained skills & was quite good at-bat. T~’s league was very much a beginner league. It was fine last year but T~ could use a little more of a real-game league rather than the ‘Everyone gets on base every inning’ league. But my biggest pet-peeve about ball is that it lasts FOREVER! The last 2 weeks of the season I had kids crying because they had yet another game. My philosophy of youth sports is leave the kids wanting more rather than having them cry because they just want their evenings back. Oh, wait. That might have been me crying…

On the flip side of ball is swimming. The boys swam for the neighborhood team this year & both of them really liked it. They had 5 meets. They improved their skills greatly. The best part, besides the fact that I didn’t have to drive them to practice, was they never complained about the early morning swim. Every morning E~ was up by 6:15 to grab a granola bar on his way out the door. G~’s practice wasn’t until 8:30, but he was still out the door shortly after 8. I think he didn’t want to miss the little ‘biker gang’ that made their way to the pool every morning for practice.

T~ started swimming lessons last week & is really liking it. She’s made a lot of progress in just 4 lessons. Excited to see what she can do at the end of the session!

Time to start the day. I’ll try to post some pictures from our camping trip from the past weekend later this week.



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