If Only I Wrote More…

19 May

Then I wouldn’t always be playing catch-up!

Couple of things:

Trip planning has been slow. We’re trying to decide between Hoi An & Phu Quoc as our ‘side trip’. The kids say Phu Quoc. J~ & I think both look amazing. Stay tuned…

G~ has his band interview on Wed. He REALLY wants percussion. I REALLY want something else, perhaps a tuba or a trombone? The cards are stacked against me though. Today his school hosted a Steel Drum band. G~ was beside himself with excitement. I can only imagine his review tonight…

E~ is almost done with Track. We are all thrilled. Track is a great sport but the meets are soooooo loooooooooooong (must be said in a whiny tone). E~ has been running the first race & then last race & maybe one in-between. Makes for some looooooooooong 3.5hr meets. Thankfully he’ll only have 3 instead of the original 7 scheduled. Never thought I’d be so happy for a rain out. E~ hasn’t been thrilled with the meets either. He enjoys practices & is really enjoying the hurdles. His last meet is on Friday. Yay!!

Then we’ll be fully into baseball. Both boys have had games already. T~ starts practice tonight, the same time as a baseball game, soccer practice, and a band concert.

The other exciting thing this week is our school is doing a Walking School Bus. We have quite a few walkers anyway, but Metropolis has a Blue Zone designation so they are pushing the walking bus. I’m on a ‘driving’ team which means a neighbor & I do what we normally do – walk our kids to school only we’re adding another 10 kids to our regular routine. It’ll be a fun thing to do for all of us except for Kenai. He’s not allowed on the bus 😦 It didn’t take him long to figure out the walking to school routine & he was pretty upset about being left out.

Off to get kids from school & start our crazy evening!



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