Less Than a Week

10 Feb

The countdown has begun. We will be picking up our new puppy this weekend!

I’m not sure what the kids are more excited about, the puppy or seeing the Lego Movie with their cousins.

We have started collecting things for the dog. We have a kennel, a collar, & a leash. I have a bunch of stuff in my cart on Amazon. We’ll head out sometime this week so the kids can pick out a couple of toys. I think we’ll be all set! I’m reading up on crate training & finding a puppy class. If the weather would warm up a 20 degrees (that would put us in the teens) I’d be eternally grateful!

The one thing we don’t have is a name. We all agreed to do something Alaskan. That doesn’t narrow things down too much. The list is really long, the fights are even longer & usually end up with someone in tears. We are a house divided.

Who else is addicted to the Olympics? We don’t usually have the tv on all day long. I think that’s why the kids love the Olympics so much, constant screen time. So far, the favorites have been everything but the ice dancing. Yawn.



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