Christmas & Puppies. Not Christmas Puppies. That Would Have Been Too Perfect.

29 Dec

Christmas has come & gone. We had a lovely Christmas. Christmas Eve my parents came over for supper & then we all went to church. The kids went to bed when we got home & J~ & I watched a movie & finished up the present stuff. Christmas morning we opened gifts. The kids get gifts from 4 categories – Something you Want, Something you Need, Something to Wear, & Something to Read. This year we told the kids NO LEGO’S! I love Lego’s but I am tired of buying expensive Star Wars sets. My kids can cultivate other interests. They were not so happy with my Lego ban. I think we won them over though. G~ got a soccer goal for the backyard, E~ got a K’Nex rollercoaster, & T~ got a desk for her American Girl doll. They all got snow boots (something you need), sweatshirts (an Alma Mater sweatshirt for G~. We have to make him take it off every 3rd day so it can be washed), & I made photobooks of the Alaskan trip for their Something to Read. Unfortunately, that little gift has encountered multiple setbacks & still haven’t arrived and when they do arrive, who knows what I’ll actually get. The first set of books were really messed up. That’s another story.

This year J~ found the perfect Family Gift – a Foosball table! I’m not sure who was happier about it, J~ or the kids. We’ve played many games & I’m pretty bad.

What we were all happy about though, was our new puppy was born! On Dec. 19, Mandy from South Canada, had 7 Golden Retriever puppies. We are leaning towards a boy pup but we (read I) really just want a dog that has a mellow personality. We are all very excited to have an end date to our doglessness. We have a long weekend in Feb & we’ll make the trip to South Canada to pick up our dog. S/He will be about 8 weeks when we bring him/her home.

Any tips on how to house-train a dog? We’ve never done it before. Charlie came to us housebroken. I’m a little nervous about that part.

A pile of puppies

A pile of puppies



3 Responses to “Christmas & Puppies. Not Christmas Puppies. That Would Have Been Too Perfect.”

  1. Becky Weinlaeder Remiger December 29, 2013 at 5:07 pm #

    Get a spot bot and puppy training pads and find a place to contain the pup. Or maybe don’t take advice from your sister who keeps her dogs outside 🙂

  2. Lynn December 30, 2013 at 2:02 pm #

    Chuck is a firm believer in crate training! They are a cave animal by nature, and the crate is their home. If you need advice on how to do this, shoot me a message or give us a call. I can have chuck talk to you.

    • K~ December 30, 2013 at 11:48 pm #

      We’re firm believers in crate training too. Charlie loved her kennel. She was probably 4 before she stopped sleeping in there. I may be calling you for advice on how to do all this stuff!

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