I’m Still Alive

13 Nov

Alive? Yes.

Sane? No way!

I kept meaning to sit down & write out the next post about T~ but then something explodes or implodes & I need to put on my Super Mom or Super Lego cape & fly to the rescue.

I’m a little tired of the superhero gig.

I promise I will get a post about T~ up soon. Today is not that day.

Did I ever post about my grand plan for Lego League for the year? I do not have a child in the program but I think it’s a great thing & starting from scratch is hard so I thought I’d help get the ball rolling this year – find some volunteers, get things organized, set the structure – & then turn them loose, in hopes that continuity would make it easier for me next year when G~ is eligible for LL.

Didn’t quite work that way. Instead, I have 6 engineers that are helping with programming & 7 moms helping with the research project. I was so excited to have so many competent volunteers. The first week I could picture myself backing out of the room & going home with my kids at the end of the school day & not having any Lego-related nightmares.
HA!My current Lego nightmares involve adults coming to blows & a team that was under the tutelage of a mom who has a horrific attitude & no filter. It’s been the least fun Lego League year yet!I have now stepped back into the fray & am answering asinine emails about what to do with a child who can’t wait their turn or the one who won’t stop picking their nose. Actually, that’s the same kid. Oh, there’s one who prefers to play rather than program – she’s not sure what to do about that either. And I’m helping shape their research project & doing lunchtime programming for the other team.

Super Jack of All Trades, Master of None – That’s me!



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