Being Honest

22 Oct

I hope this surprises none of my faithful readers, but I am not perfect. I have many, many shortcomings. I could list them, but the kids will be home in a couple of hours & I hate to be on the computer when they are walking in the door.

I firmly believe I was blessed with my kids because there was something about me that they need & something about them that I need. I don’t mean that in a ‘you complete me’ way – that movie annoys me. But I certainly don’t think it’s random that my children are my children.

That being said, I fail them. Daily. But I think because I care about my parenting & I question myself means I’m not a complete failure. Lately, though it’s been hard to see the successes past the failures.

This has been a hard Fall. I don’t know if it’s because our summer was so weird or it’s their ages or the lack of a dog or any number of reasons, but the kids have gone off the rails. We are working our way back but it has not been easy. So I’m going to be honest with you about what we’ve been dealing with.

This is not our first rough spot & more than anything, I find knowing you are not alone is of monumental importance. I sometimes think there is nothing so isolating when you are in the weeds of a crisis than yourself. I like to put on a brave face & pretend everything is just fine. But inside I wish I could just be honest. Brutally honest. Parenting is hard work and when we pretend it’s not, we are doing a disservice to ourselves & to the people around us. I’m not advocating always putting it all out there, but I sincerely hope you have at least one friend who you can confide in when the wheels come off the bus. I have been amazed by the response when I share some of the struggles we’ve been facing. It’s nice to know we don’t swim up these streams alone. We have some great company.

I am not going to password protect the following posts. This is really hard for me. Some of the people who read the blog, I’d rather they didn’t. But I can’t control that. I also can’t control their reaction to the following posts. People will judge & that’s natural. It’s also petty & annoying. One of my kids is starting to develop real empathy. It’s a wonderful attribute & one I hope most of you will use when reading the next few posts.



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