Hard Head

14 Oct

I’ve always been told I’m a little hard headed. Today it came in handy.

Have I mentioned that I’m working at an apple orchard this fall? It’s a small, family-run place & a big part of their business is school tours. I was hired as a tour guide. It’s a lot of fun & I’ve really enjoyed it. Today was my last tour of the season. I was chatting with the owner & a co-worker in the barn when a gust of wind blew & pushed a huge steel door & an 8ft ladder into the back of my head. I didn’t see stars or anything. I never blacked out (although my typing is atrocious, I won’t corrent the rest of this sentence. Not too bac… Hard to teel if that’s a concussion or just fat fingers.) I don’t have a headache. Yet… Anyway, I strapped an ice pack to my head, took some Advil & the lump on my head isn’t too noticeable. My hair is wavy so the 1/2 inch lump blends in. When it was an inch, it was a little more noticeable. Too bad I didn’t brush my hair this morning. That ‘I’ll just wear a hat’ thing doesn’t seem so smart now…



One Response to “Hard Head”

  1. Lynn October 15, 2013 at 9:03 am #

    Oh my, hope you are ok! Let your kids and hubby spoil you a little. Take it easy, and don’t hesitate to go to the Dr if you are feeling weird.

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