Moving Forward

25 Sep

It just might be time for a new dog. A friend has been keeping an eye out for us & has located what just might be our new dog. We’ll go to meet him this weekend.

Btw, if you are an IRL friend, the only kid that knows about this is E~. Pretty sure the other two would be insufferable about it.

We are planning to go meet the pup over the weekend. He’s a Yellow Lab, Australian Shepherd mix. He’s still a puppy, but not a young one. We all kind of wanted a puppy but we aren’t having any luck with finding ‘the one’.

The closer we get to adopting another dog, the more I realize I don’t really want another dog. I really just want Charlie.

She wasn’t a perfect dog, but she was pretty close. I almost don’t remember the time she woke me up at 3am so she could do 100 poop circles before remembering that she didn’t really have to go.

I guess I’m just nervous about the whole thing. What if he chews? How do we leash train a dog? It really is like bringing home a new baby – learning their cues & getting used to their personality. It all takes work & time & effort.

Maybe I’m still a bit raw from losing Charlie. I think it was George Carlin who said it best when he said ‘bringing home a little dog is inviting a little tragedy.’ You know at the beginning it’s not going to end well.

Wow. I’m a real Debbie Downer today.

On a happier note, we’ve all been compiling lists of names for our new dog. The younger two are naming an ‘in theory’ dog. We all agree the name should be something Alaskan. Some of them on our list are:

Mendenhall, Polar, Denali, Taku, & Cooper.

Mendenhall for the glacier, Polar for my family’s neighbors dog, Denali for the mountain, Taku for the boat we sailed on, & Cooper for the car my uncle drives.

Let’s just hope if we adopt the lab mix puppy this weekend, he’ll be amenable to changing his name.




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