Cross Country

22 Sep

Cross Country is about half over :-/

I’m so enjoying E~’s meets. His first meet was at his school against one other team (it’s a new meet & most teams have been going to another meet for years). It was a nice way to introduce the kids to the cut-throat nature of a Cross Country start line. E~ wasn’t spiked, but he was a little offended by all the shoving & pushing & jockeying for position.


E~ is the blonde kid in the black uniform behind the red kid on the far right.

His next meet was held at a local park. It was a flat, fast course & it was hot, hot, hot. E~ didn’t really enjoy this race. I think he didn’t hydrate well before the race & they were late getting to the meet because of a busing issue. Plus, I’m sure he felt bad because I was dying of bronchitis 😉


This past Friday, E~’s meet was at a golf course in a hillier part of the state.

Crazy Hill #1 of 4

Crazy Hill #1 of 4

E~ really  liked this course. All week, we’ve been talking about how to use hills to your psychological advantage. He is so blessed to have so much coaching 😉


He’s so fast, he’s blurry!

E~’s time wasn’t the greatest, but he looked better, & he really enjoyed conquering a hard course.

I  love this sport!



One Response to “Cross Country”

  1. Jennifer Elliott September 23, 2013 at 12:49 pm #

    Your overdramatic but yet logical explanations are hilarious! Of course, he was concerned about your health and truly appreciates your coaching. 🙂

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