18 Sep

I have a pet peeve.

Just one, you ask?

No. I have lots but there’s one I’m going to write about today.

I’ll save the others for another time.

You’re welcome.

Yesterday I was at Treetop Jr High. I’m volunteering there in a 6th grade English class once a week. It’s not my favorite volunteer gig but it’s not too bad. When I’m done, it’s time for the 7th graders to go to lunch. I usually see E~ & a  couple of his friends as I’m surfing the crowd towards the office.

Anyway, as I was walking to the office, I locked eyes with our neighbor Moe. Moe spends a lot of time at our house. He’s our newest Little Orphan Abby, only his parents are somewhat aware of Moe’s whereabouts & will call when they need him home. Moe has 2 much older brothers & doesn’t get a whole lot of interaction with his peers at home. Anyway, Moe is well-known to me. So when I saw Moe, I said Hello. Because that’s what you do. Moe, looked at me & then ignored me.

Well, that’s just unacceptable. So I said ‘Hello Moe’, louder. He mumbled a hello & tried to move away faster. Only I caught up with him & told him if he was embarrassed by my being polite, I had a loud voice & am not afraid to use it & that in the future it would be best if he just returned the courtesy & saved himself a whole lot of blushing.

Like I said, I know Moe well. If he were one of E~’s casual acquaintances, I wouldn’t have ramped up, but it ticked me off. The kid plays at my house, eats my food, watches my tv, reads my Calvin & Hobbes, talks my ear off, practices on my piano, & gets a whole lot more attention at my house than he apparently does at his own. Say Hello already & let’s all  move on.

Your take home lesson for today is Be Polite! It’s not hard & it’s socially acceptable! Even for a 7th grader.



3 Responses to “Politeness”

  1. Don't We Look Alike? September 18, 2013 at 1:12 pm #

    Is he bullied at school?

  2. Kristi Leckband September 18, 2013 at 9:02 pm #

    You go, girl. Be Polite. Simple and Easy.


  1. Being Honest About E~ | Three Kids=Chaos - October 23, 2013

    […] for E~ that he had done the right thing. His party rolled around & the first guest to arrive is Moe. I was putting some things together in the kitchen & overheard Moe grilling E~ about who else […]

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