I Think I Might Be Dying

9 Sep

Of a head cold.

Not to be too dramatic or anything. My nose is stuffy, my neck is stiff, I can’t breathe without help of some stinky junk smeared under my nose which then gets wiped off every time I sneeze, which is often. Plus the headache & the general malaise. Thankfully it’s Monday & the kids are at school so I can take a nap. Which I will do as soon as this blog post is done.

Prepare for the Ultimate Randomness!

The weekend was jam-packed with family & moving. My parents closed on their new house on Friday morning & the rest of Friday & a little bit of Saturday was spent moving their stuff from my house & the storage unit to their new house. We had a ton of help. My uncle & a cousin came from South Canada to help move. Uncle J~ was the uncle that went to Alaska this summer so G~ & E~ (especially G~) were so very excited to see Uncle J~ again. They had a long drive & didn’t arrive until almost 9 on Thursday night. G~ was beside himself that he might have to go to bed without seeing Uncle J~. He was crying & saying things like “You don’t know what it’s like! I spent 6 weeks with Uncle J~ & I haven’t seen him for so long. You don’t know what it’s like to miss Uncle J~! He’s coming here right now & you are making me go to bed!” Thankfully Uncle J~ & Cousin T~ arrived just before lights out & they were able to get the hugs due to them. I do think it’s really great that G~ loves his Uncle J~ so much. He’s a neat guy. The more bonds my kids have with great people the better!

Friday night my sisters arrived. That added another layer to our party. Cousins & South Canada family! It just keeps getting better! We had an action packed Saturday for them. Not only was there moving & unpacking, there was Cross Country for E~ & soccer for G~.

E~’s first race went very well. He ran 2 miles in 15:05. He was pleased with his time & was very happy to get the race season started. I felt the same. Only more so 😉 I have been looking forward to being a cross country parent for a long time. I love XC. The meets, the teams, the camaraderie, the atmosphere. It’s a wonderful sport! I’m going to take up where my dad left off & try to never miss a meet. It’s the least I can do for a sport I love. And my kid 😉

G~ did quite well at his soccer games too. He had a double-header. It was miserable out. I think the high was 498° out & humid. G~ played goalie & did a great job. He still has a hard time remembering that he can use his hands but he still managed to make a few saves.

The rest of the weekend was spent unpacking, putting furniture together & eating. Lots & lots of eating.

One more random bit of information before I take my nap.

We watched “42” a week ago with the kids. Yes it’s PG13 but we felt like the kids could handle it. I didn’t really think T~ would stick around for the movie. She’s not a big fan of “Talkies”. But she did. And she seemed to like it too. On Friday, about a week after we’d watched the movie, T~ & I were picking my mom up from daycare. The daycare had put in “42” to pass the late afternoon. T~ was almost as hard to peel away from the building as my mom was. As we were leaving, T~ said to me “Mom, do you know what comes next? The part where the bad coach says “Hey Nugget nugget!” It took me a minute to process what she had said. Apparently instead of hearing the “N-word” in the movie, she heard Nugget. Probably made much more sense to her than the other word.

I’m off to take my nap!




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