I’m Melting

28 Aug

It’s hot. Stinky, nasty, sticky, nothing can live out there, must take a shower after walking to the mailbox HOT.

E~ has had Cross Country practice cancelled for the past two days & I’m guessing for the next two as well. He has his first meet on Saturday. It’s either a one mile or two-mile race. E~ will do fine with either distance. Some of the others maybe need more practice to get to the two-mile mark. I think I’m going to try to make him run tonight after the sun goes down or get up early & get a little run in before school. He’s not thrilled about either option.

Metropolis pools would make a killing this week if they’d open from about 4-8 every evening. I know where we’d be!


School is going well. E~ is happy. He’s enjoying his classes, he loves Cross Country, Jazz band starts next week. Life is good. G~ is doing well too. He loves his teacher & his class is pretty low on drama. He’s having a little trouble at recess but nothing a little flexibility can’t handle. T~ is bored. She really wants to like 1st grade but she is so frustrated that they are doing what she calls ‘preschool work’. I have to agree. Tracing worksheets on the letter A is a little beneath most of the kids in her class. She really loves busy work but not ‘preschool’ busy work. I hope things will ramp up for her soon.



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