School Supplies

14 Aug

I’m going to rant here so when I go to school tonight to hear all about 1st grade, I don’t rant there & make a bad impression.

Why, for the love of Crayola, does my kid need 3 boxes of crayons & 3 boxes of markers?!?!?! I’m pretty sure she came home with most of the 4 boxes I sent her with for Kindergarten. Sure they weren’t in the greatest shape, but did she need 4 to begin with?

And why do all the folders need to be a certain color? And the notebooks. Do you know how hard it is to find an orange, wide ruled notebook? One that doesn’t cost $3? Chances are good that the kid will use about 5 pages in the notebook anyway. And don’t tell me not to label the stuff. My kids picked out their own scissors & they would like to use them!

School supplies is a racket. I’m just not sure whose racket. Does Crayola have a lobby with the school districts? Elmer’s maybe has the ear of the Art dept? I understand that the schools would rather spend their money on books & big ticket items. I get that & I’m okay with that. But I really resent being asked to buy crayons for the entire class knowing everyone else is buying for the class too. If there are 22 kids in the class & each are bringing 3 boxes of markers, that’s 66 boxes of markers. Will 22 kids really go through 66 BOXES of markers? I’ll buy my kid a box of crayons & if he needs another one, let me know & I’ll take care of it. Same with the markers & the pens & the pencils & the notebook paper. And if there’s a kid that needs stuff that can’t afford it, by all means, let me know & I’ll be happy to help. Asking for 3 boxes & knowing they’re going to the community crayon bucket just seems greedy.

I’m much happier buying supplies for my 7th grader (eep! 7th grade!!). He’ll use his own pens & pencils. His folders will stay with him, as will his notebooks. He’ll use his own calculator & compass (too much hiking this year. I was about to head to Gander Mountain to buy one when I remembered the other kind of compass). The only thing communal is the tissues & I’m happy to supply them.

Maybe my elementary teacher readers would care to share their wisdom on this? Is there a good reason & I’m not seeing it?



2 Responses to “School Supplies”

  1. Kristi August 15, 2013 at 5:43 pm #

    I’ve heard about other schools in which the parents give $??? amount, and then the teachers go out and buy identical supplies to all the kids. I despise that idea. Whatever happened to individuality? What happened to creativity?

    I understand that kids in 1st grade should have wide-ruled paper. But really? An ORANGE notebook?

    And as far as buying 3 boxes of crayons…. Perhaps the kids are going to melt an entire box of crayons between wax paper and then create a huge stained glass window look. Did you really buy the 3 boxes of crayons?

    I KNOW the kids would go through 66 boxes of kleenex in a year.

    Were any other parents “surprised” by the detailed supply list?

  2. Wendy August 15, 2013 at 5:58 pm #

    Our school system is not allowed to ask for any specific brand. and supplying tissues, baggies, wipes, etc are optional. I got 4 boxes of tissues last year and spent the year begging for more!
    I HATE the communal supply thing. I think kids should use what their parents buy.
    Of course, I spend a fortune on supplies each year, not only for my kids, but for my class! There are always some who arrive with nothing,

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