Misc & Museums

26 Jul

One of the first things we explored in Juneau was the Treadwell Mines. It’s an old abandoned gold mine on Douglas Island.

Since we’re surrounded by water & it was somewhat warmish, we spent a bit of time at the beach:


Emma is crazy about water & fetch. She would swim in circles in the water, whining until someone would throw her a ball. She was insatiable.

The mine ruins were pretty cool. There were signs posted explaining what everything was. We saw abandoned carts, buildings, & lots of pilings to climb on:


The whole reason we came to Douglas Island? Because my aunt & uncle had dentist appointments. This is the dentists office:


Their dentist sails to Alaska from Washington once a year & visits a bunch of the little communities on the barrier islands in Alaska. He & his wife live on the boat & the front room has a dentist chair & all the equipment. I can think of worse places to have an office 😉

We also spent a bit of time at a few of the many museums in Juneau.

Our first stop was the Alaska State Museum. They have one of 6 interactive globes in the country. There are actually 2 in Juneau. One at the museum & the other at the NOAA office in Auke Bay. The globes change every few minutes to show different things like tides or glacier movements.


Then it was off to the State Capital where we’re pretty sure they were mining for something underneath it 😉


The capital is a pretty nondescript building but it still had the usual capital trappings:



This part of the trip will come in very handy next spring when G~ will start State Fest at school. He’s already picked Alaska.

Up Next: The Trip Home – starting with the Alaska Marine Highway.



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