Juneau, Part 1 of ?

26 Jul

I am not a fan of cold weather. I love heat & humidity. My idea of a perfect vacation involves being here:


Vacationing in Alaska was not on my to-do list. I liked the idea of Alaska much more than the actual Alaska. I was sure it was beautiful & unspoiled & full of wild life but it also has Summer day time highs in the 50’s & 60’s. Not my idea of a prime vacation spot.

Was I ever wrong. I’m so glad we went. Had it not been for my dad & his crazy adventure, I totally would have missed one of the most beautiful places in the country, to say nothing of my amazing family.

So Juneau.

We stayed with my aunt, uncle & cousin. They don’t like to be too far from the water so their house was located on a bay, across the street from a rocky beach. We spent hours combing the beach, looking for interesting rocks, playing fetch with Emma, & watching the eagles that had nested near by.


Mendenhall Glacier feeds a lake (Mendenhall Lake – really original) 🙂 E~ & G~ braved the frigid temps & waded into the lake to wrestle a glacier.


This was before E~ remembered that icebergs are larger underneath the water.

His leg turned a lovely shade of purple from the bruise.


That was before it started to bleed. You’re welcome 😉

We all sucked on a bit of the glacier, but no one loved glacial ice more than G~


I thought it was a bit gritty. He didn’t seem to mind that too much. It probably helped scrape the weeks-old gunk off his teeth. I’m pretty sure he didn’t use his toothbrush much during his 3 week ‘guys trip’.

Up next:

Eagle Beach



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