Lost & Found

22 Jul

Have I mentioned that my parents are moving to Metropolis? My dad retired this past winter & it makes sense that he move to be closer to one of us kids. Metropolis has the most resources for my mom so they’re making the move here.

Anyway, the move is happening this week. Yesterday my parents came down to drop off a trailer of their belongings at the storage locker. J~ & my dad went to do the unloading while I stayed at the house with the kids & my mom & made supper.

My mom follows me around. She’s like a lost puppy sometimes. I don’t mind, now that I’m used to it. After the guys left, I was getting ready to grill supper – trip downstairs to get the chicken, trip upstairs to referee a fight, trip outside to start the grill – all with my mom about 4 steps behind me. I was getting my tongs to go out & put the chicken on when my mom finally settled into a chair in the family room. I was outside for 2, maybe 3 minutes.

When I came back in, I rinsed my bowl, put it in the dishwasher & noticed my mom wasn’t in the chair. I walked down the hall; she wasn’t in the bathroom either. I took a quick look outside to make sure she wasn’t out front – not there. I ran upstairs to see if she was laying down in G~’s bed – nope. I went into E~’s room where the boys were playing – they hadn’t seen her. I sped downstairs, took a quick run through the first floor – not there. I went down to the basement – not there. I ran back upstairs to check all the rooms – empty. I ran into E~’s room & told the boys Grammy was missing & I needed them to start looking. G~ jumped up & ran downstairs & out the door. He was back in a flash saying he’d seen her walking down the street towards the Smith’s house. I told him to go get her & I’d be right behind him. I quickly found my shoes & took off after both of them. G~ was able to get her turned around & headed back towards home. When I got to her, it was really hard to not yell at her. Why is that my first response? Not that it does any good, but I told her not to leave the house without someone with her. If she wants to go for a walk, she just needs to ask.

It took hours for my heart to return to its normal rhythm.

This is the first time she’s wandered on me. She did it to my dad once this winter. It adds a whole new wrinkle to their living with us until they can get into their own house.

Anyone know of a nice looking bracelet with a GPS tracker?



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