19 Jun

Too many password posts. Time for some other stuff.

The boys are having a fabulous time on their Alaskan Adventure. They’ve seen a ton of stuff from the World’s Largest Prairie Chicken

E&G prairie chicken

to a Goliath Swing (unfortunately, it was in disrepair & they couldn’t go for a ride).

goliath swing

They’ve panned for gold

panning for gold

And they’re getting close to seeing the Midnight Sun

Tok AK at 11pm

Tok AK at 11pm

We are getting excited for our trip to begin. A little over a week from now, we’ll be leaving on a jet plane to the Last Frontier. A day later we’ll be all together.

I am so excited!


Having only one child is strange. T~ needs a lot of attention & I hadn’t realized how much her brothers act as a buffer. She’s pretty easily entertained, but she’s never quiet. There is a constant prattle of conversation. She doesn’t need me to reply, she does well talking to herself 😉 Yesterday we transplanted a bunch of garden plants. She was helpful until she discovered an earwig in a pot. That ended gardening for her. She’ll carry around a worm & loves messing with ants, but an earwig & a spider will send her running.

Speaking of bugs, are ticks terrible everywhere this year? We have a great park not far from here that has some great hiking trails, only everyone I’ve talked to who has been out there this year has said the ticks are horrible. One friend said they checked themselves before they got in the car to go home & still ended up with 20+ ticks in their house. Another friend said you could see them crossing the gravel path like a line of ants.

Ewww. I think we won’t be hiking much. Or at least hiking there.

Speaking of hiking. My sister B~ & I headed to the state park while in Northern State. We spent a lot of time out at Carly when we were younger. We loved to hike & cross-country ski out there. I would guess we were out there at least once a week if not more. Our dog, Princess loved it out there. It got to the point where she could tell where we were going by the direction we turned out of the driveway – Carly was one way, the vet was the other. B~ & I took her two youngest out & we hiked our favorite trail. It was fun. Especially crossing the bridges.


One more thing before I sign off, have you seen the Pinterest board My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler? My new favorite thing is following the wardrobe choices of Quinoa & her bff Chevron.




One Response to “Enough”

  1. Kristi Leckband June 20, 2013 at 4:33 pm #

    Oh, good times at Carly!!!! Enjoy the time with your sister and her kids!

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