It Actually Happened

5 Jun

They left.

Yukon Ho!

Yukon Ho!

Somehow, this trip became a reality.

My dad pulled in before lunch yesterday & before supper, our stuff was added, beds were made, hair was cut, & everyone was declared “Ready to Go!”

They pulled out this morning about 8:30 & are headed to my sister’s for the night. After that, they head north to my dad’s family farm for a few days before picking up my uncle, we’ll call him UJ, & heading for the border.


On the homefront, I did just fine. Sunday & Monday were harder days for me. Tuesday was busy with packing. Today, it was imperative that I hold it together until they were out of sight. I managed that quite well. As much as I will miss my boys, I’m really more worried about caring for my mom. In many ways, she’s like a toddler. She needs constant supervision (wandering, turning on burners, eating food that’s uncooked, etc) & I’m not used to that anymore. She will spend the workday at a senior center that specializes in memory loss. It’ll be good for both of us. My mom needs routine, & I need time to do things with T~. Like swimming, if it were ever to warm up.

The next few days we have a couple of neighbor kids staying with us. It’s nice to have a full house & someone to entertain T~.



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