And the Weeks Go Rolling By

23 May

Highlights of the last 2+ weeks:


E~ went on his first band trip. I wanted to take a picture of him boarding the coach bus for the trip, but had second thoughts about being that parent who documents everything. Instead, my friend Rhonda & I headed to Capital City to shop. We didn’t leave much on the shelves at Penzey’s.

The 6th grade band at his school was selected to play at a conference of band directors from our state. Many schools tried out, Treetop was selected. It’s a huge honor. The kids did great! They worked really hard on preparing for the concert. All that hard work paid off. They played for 45 minutes (that’s a long time for anyone, not just 11 & 12yo’s) & sounded fabulous! The highlight for most of the kids was the bus trip. It was E~’s first trip on a coach bus. I’m hoping there will be many more band trips in his future.


As I was working feverishly this week to put together a presentation on Lego League for Local Elementary’s incoming 5th graders, a friend mentioned that I must really believe in Lego League & that it was nice to see someone with such commitment. This whole time I thought I was crazy & couldn’t say no. Turns out I believe in something! 😉

I’m doing my best to bring Lego League back to LE. We didn’t have a team last year for a lot of reasons & it’s too great of a program to drop so this week I talked to 4th graders, drumming up interest for next year. So far, I have about 40 kids who expressed an interest in joining the team next year. Hopefully out of the 40 kids we can field a couple of teams.


The date looms large. G~ has 2 soccer games. T~ has her dance recital. We have company in town for both events. But the biggest event is the Yukon Ho! that we’re throwing for the boys. They are really going to miss their friends this summer (Who am I kidding? I’m going to miss their friends this summer!) so we decided to cram as much summer as possible into 3 hours. The boys invited friends over & we’ll grill & then play Green Ghost. It’s the neighborhood version of Kick the Can. After that, we’ll collapse in exhaustion until the final push begins…


The kids each have Keen’s. I found hiking pants for E~ & G~. We have binoculars. I know what camera I’m going to get. I just have to put it all together. Plus I have to pack for T~ & my trip too. I’d rather not check luggage on our flight to Juneau so I want to send our cold clothes with my dad in the camper. But that takes prep work & organization. I’m really good at making lists but then I almost always lose them. It’s not crunch time yet though. I have just under 2 weeks to get everything pulled together. That’s plenty of time.

So why can’t I sleep at night?


I managed to do 210 hours of volunteering at Treetop & LE this year. It was time well spent. I shelved many, many books. I traced lots of things on construction paper. I helped kids learn their multiplication facts. I listened to book reports & a couple of movie reports (silly kids that think I don’t know the difference between the Hunger Games book & the Hunger Games movie) But my favorite thing was helping A~, my mentee, get back on track with her reading. Every morning for 20 minutes, we’d read together. She was pretty far behind when we started but now she’s reading just above her grade level. I’m super proud of her & hope to have the opportunity to work with her again next year.

Only 2 more days of school left!



One Response to “And the Weeks Go Rolling By”

  1. Kristi May 24, 2013 at 2:08 am #

    Yes, Yes! More band trips!

    We need a LEGO club, and I haven’t even heard your “schpeel.”

    This is a HUGE summer for your family. Can’t wait to read the details down the road.

    Way to go, Mentor! You’ve had a time-filled, rewarding year.

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