I Love School!

19 Apr

E’s school is amazing.

You may remember how I struggled with the decision on where to send E~ last year. We totally made the right choice in sending him to Treetop. I haven’t spent huge amounts of time there but every time I’m there, I get a really good vibe.

Today is was there for 2 hours; one hour was spent listening to Shark Tank-type presentations. The other hour was discussing books. Could there be a better way to spend a cold, windy, dreary day?

After I was done I had a conversation with Treetop’s principal. I had a few questions about 7th grade & needed to wrap up some Lego League business. We had a very pleasant conversation where I learned all about the plans for Math for next year, staffing changes, & scheduling challenges. I also learned that staff who were previously at our local elementary (who I thought were fabulous) are now valuable fixtures at Treetop. It was refreshing to hear that teachers I thought were great are viewed the same way by the person who hires & fires.

I was able to request a particular teacher for E~ for next year. How else should I spend my volunteering cache?



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