The Video That Ended A Friendship?

4 Apr

I just sent a video titled Fart Patio to a friend because it made me think of her*.

There is something really wrong with me.

Maybe I am a 12 year old boy?!?


*I swear I sent the video to her because she & her family eat a lot of quinoa & kale & other whole foods. Not because she needs a fart patio. She has a good sense of humor so I’m not really worried. At least not about her. Maybe my 12yo is rubbing off on me? Farts are funny business around here. E~ & his friends have a running joke – when someone lets a silent-but-deadly, the offender says “do you guys smell popcorn?” trying to trick everyone into taking a big whiff.

**I just wrote a whole post about farting. This blog has really gone downhill…





One Response to “The Video That Ended A Friendship?”

  1. juliestuff5 April 9, 2013 at 10:42 am #

    This blog made me laugh! I mean really LAUGH! Truly a LOL!!!

    Julie S

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