2 Mar

We’ve had a string of warmish winter days & new snow. I’m normally not a winter weather person, but the rediscovery of cross-country skiing has me enjoying a balmy 28° day. The kids have been asking when they get to try skiing. Today was their day.

My dad had brought down his collection of skis. He had skis for both boys & poles for one. No boots. I thought the boys could try out skiing with my boots, just to see if it was something they might enjoy.

They did. Unfortunately, cheap boots are hard to come by. We’ll keep looking. In the meantime, they each had a shot at skiing.



And falling


T~ was feeling a little left out. I didn’t hold much hope we’d be able to outfit her for a decent price, BUT, we did!


She was thrilled. She spent the next 2 hours skiing around the backyard. T~ took to skiing like a duck to water. It was fun to see her go.


Guess what we’ll be doing tomorrow? And over spring break? Thankfully our spring break destination is north to my sister’s. She has tons of snow & temps below freezing. I never thought I’d be excited about that…



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