The Rest of the Story

8 Feb

We decided to make this trip to PR Off the Beaten Trail. J~ had done some off-roading to find the Arecibo Observatory & the road to Playa Sucia was now cake walk so we were not afraid of out of the way places.

Our drive from South to North involved a sometimes 2-lane road up the mountains with hairpin turns & gorgeous views. My sister B~ would have been sick the whole trip. Eventually we wound our way to Cuevo del Indio. The guides we read said to make sure you park in the guys front lawn or be prepared to replace your vehicles tires. The neighborhood didn’t look too skeevy but we paid our $2 for ‘secure’ parking anyway. We took the guided tour down into the cave.

Here’s the ladder used for the trip down.


Inside were bats, petroglyphs, bats, tidal pools, bees, bats, & the backdrop used for the cave scene in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

The caves were also supposedly the backdrop for the film Goonies.

The middle arch has collapsed since filming

The middle arch has collapsed since filming

It was a neat trip & I enjoyed it. Not sure if I would enjoy it so much with the kids along. The terrain was pretty rocky & there were holes everywhere like this


We capped off the day at Ocean Park Beach. It was probably a great beach but we have been forever ruined by Playa Sucia.

The next day we spent in Old San Juan. We toured a different fort, did some shopping, & ended the day at a Gelato shop, talking Lego’s with the owner’s 12yo son.

We had intended on spending our last day kayaking, but the water conditions were not good so the trip was cancelled. Instead of bumming around San Juan or going back to an inferior beach, we chose to drive back to our little slice of paradise. We spent the day swimming & hiking & swimming. It was perfect. We both ended up with some nice sunburn but it was worth it!

The perfect end to a perfect vacation.





One Response to “The Rest of the Story”

  1. Kristi Leckband February 8, 2013 at 1:54 pm #

    Choose the burn every time. That view is gorgeous!

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