Puerto Rico 2013

6 Feb

You may have guessed from my Overly Tired Post, that I recently returned from one of my favorite places on earth, Puerto Rico.

J~ left in mid-January to work & I followed him a week later. My wonderful parents came to spend the week with our kids. My dad is seriously awesome. None of the kids had an “I want my mommy” moment while we were gone & they all were upset when he left to go home. My dad cooked, he enforced rules, he put together a 1000 piece puzzle with ‘help’. He’s amazing.

Anyway, my vacation started with negative temps on the drive to the airport, a short flight to Atlanta & a 6 hour layover. I didn’t mind my long layover at all. Six hours on my own to read, walk, & not share my food? What a way to start my trip! I turned on my GPS & walked the airport concourses – it’s 4 miles round-trip. The flight to San Juan was uneventful & at the end was J~ waiting for me & humidity. Lovely, lovely humidity!

My first day in PR was spent at the resort in Ponce, sitting on a lounger at the beach, reading a book & watching pelicans dive for their lunch. It was blissfully warm. That evening, J~ & I went to Pito’s for a sunset supper.


The food was delicious & it was wonderful to spend some quality time with J~.

The following day we went exploring. Our goal was to visit the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse. As always, driving in PR is an adventure. The road to the lighthouse is, hmm, bumpy. That doesn’t really do it justice though. Some of the pot holes were as deep as my knees. It was worth the drive though. As we headed towards the trail up to the lighthouse, I caught a glimpse of something so distractingly blue, I could hardly turn away.


I wanted to head straight to the water. I’m glad we didn’t though. The views from the lighthouse were stunning.


We hiked around a little bit, took lots of pictures & then headed to the beach.

The beach was called Playa Sucia, which means dirty beach. The only reason I can think why they named it that was to keep people away. The beach looked clean to me. Not much seaweed, not a whole lot of litter, & clear blue water as far as the eye can see. We spent a few hours in the water & we were both sad to leave.

Up Next, the rest of the trip.



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