15 Jan

I’ve spent the better part of the last 3 years shelving books in the library at school.

I love the library. If I were ever to get a job in the school I’d love to work in the library. Being surrounded by books & kids all day would be delightful.

The library encourages the kids to use rulers (found in coffee cans. This will be important later) in helping them select their books. You stick the ruler next to the book you want to look at & if you don’t want it, the ruler has marked the space so you know exactly where to re-shelve the book. I find many, many, many rulers when I’m shelving books. I’m not sure if the kids forget the ruler after they’ve made their selection or if they shove the book in whatever spot they find. Both are possible.

Anyway, last week I was home mucking out the kitchen. As I tried to find the counter top I noticed a ruler. I grabbed it & then proceeded to wander through the house looking for a coffee can to put the ruler in.

Eventually I remembered I was at my house & we put our rulers in the desk drawer.

My favorite books to shelve are the Non-fiction. I avoided them my first year but then, so did everyone else. Now, they are my favorite books to shelve. It gives me insight into what the kids like to read. Horses, WWII, Firetrucks, Seals, & Space are the most popular this year. Last year it was Race cars, Dogs, Pandas, & Castles. Would you like to know the Dewey Decimals for them? I could tell you.

Which brings me to the unexpected bonus of shelving Non-fiction. My kids think I am super smart. They know if they would like a book on Origami, all they have to do is ask ME & I can tell them exactly where to look. No hopping on the computer necessary. None of the other moms can do that.

I am awesome.



One Response to “Library”

  1. Kristi Leckband January 16, 2013 at 8:33 am #

    How did you ever learn the Dewey Decimal system? It sounds so daunting. You are truly awesome!

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