11 Jan

I have one to a lovely show called Downton Abbey.Apparently I’ve been living under a rock & the show has only recently come on my radar.

I am obsessed. I keep badgering people with texts about the latest plot twist & I think it’s getting a little old since most of my friends have been watching the show for a while & are a season ahead of me. They already know what happens to Mr. Bates. Oooo & Thomas. Can’t wait to see what happens to that slimy git!

See how English I’ve become?

I have blocked off more time than is healthy this week to watch the show. I spent one whole day watching. It’s every SAHM’s dream – to actually do what others always suspect you do – eat chocolate & watch stories. I’ve convinced my friend K~ to start watching & my sister B~ isn’t far behind.

I love sharing my bad habits.




One Response to “Addictions”

  1. your friend K :) January 12, 2013 at 6:51 pm #

    Payment for Monday’s airport shuttle is Season 2 on DVD 🙂

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