Revisiting Skills Learned Long Ago & Far Away

4 Jan

I have this friend, let’s call her Rhonda. She has a hard time being still. Her baby went off to Kindergarten so she decided to train for a marathon. I love Rhonda because when we get together we do stuff – hiking, kickball with the kids, bike 24 miles, etc. At some point I let it slip that I owned an ancient pair of Cross Country Skis. Turns out Rhonda does too.

Today the sun is shining & it’s not frigid. I located all the equipment, dusted it off, added my orthotics to the boots & this afternoon, she & I will hit the trail.

I tried out the skis in the back yard to see if it was just like riding a bike – a skill you don’t forget. I didn’t fall! Go me!

I’m excited to head out & get the whole body working again. As much as I enjoy biking, I really miss running. In the winter, CC skiing is about as close to that as I’m going to get!

I fully expect to need help getting out of bed tomorrow, but who cares? That’s what husbands are for 😉



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