So… Yeah…

30 Dec

We had a blizzard. Then we had Christmas. Then some family. Also a sprinkling of low initiative.

How was your past 2 weeks?

I really didn’t like how this Christmas season felt more like something to get through rather than something to prepare for. The week before Christmas was a blur of Scrip responsibilities, party preparations, Lego League, travel, & shopping. Then we had a blizzard. That put a stop to most of my plans. It was a lovely break before more madness.

After the blizzard the kids had a short day of parties at school & then we packed up & headed to Rural City for the weekend. We stayed with our dear friends who have 6 kids & 2 dogs. I had no idea how much I needed a snuggle from a dog. I walked in the house, set my bag down & Stella presented herself to me for a good belly rub. I nearly cried. I’d love to pack Stella in my suitcase & take her home with me but I think she might be missed. I’m hoping our friends find her a mate soon because I think I’m going to need a dog sooner than my original plan of Spring 2014. It was a great trip back ‘home’. For the first time ever, J~ & I went out with our friends, without kids & without hiring a sitter! It was amazing! The kids all survived & we had a delicious meal out & even ran into more friends we hadn’t planned on seeing. The next day we were present for the baptism of a very special girl, making our trip ‘home’ complete.

Onto Christmas.

It was good. The kids were all pleased with their gifts. My parents arrived for a few days. We ate ham. We read books. We have now watched a total of 13 movies & still have 3 days of vacation left. Surprisingly the kids favorite seems to be Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Who knew they would like musicals as much as I do. The big disappointment was Oklahoma! That movie is weird. There’s a whole song trying to get a guy to commit suicide. I didn’t remember that from my earlier viewings. I think we’re introducing the kids to Gene Kelly tonight.

The big gift at Christmas came from my dad to my boys. He’s finally fulfilling a decades old dream to drive to Alaska & he’s going to take my boys with him.

I am excited for them. What an opportunity! They’ll never make it to the Arctic Circle with Ol’ Blue Fingers as their mother. Plus my dad has been dreaming & planning this trip for a really long time. If he wants to go & take my kids, who am I to stand in their way? My dad is a consummate teacher so I fully expect the boys to come home knowing all about Canadian & Alaskan geography, wildlife, transportation, topography, & maybe how to diagram sentences.

When I think about it from my end, I want to cry. It’s a long time without my boys. As much as their fighting, wrestling, smells, & body noises annoy me, it’ll be a very long, quiet summer without them. Plus, what am I supposed to do with T~ all summer long without her brothers around? She will be so bored.

We’re definitely going to need a dog.




2 Responses to “So… Yeah…”

  1. Kristi Leckband January 3, 2013 at 3:03 pm #

    Alaska???? That will be an incredible trip. What kind of timeframe does this involve? Will your mom stay with you this summer?

    Yes, you need a dog.


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    […] when I said my dad was going to take E~ & G~ to Alaska this summer? I was excited for them but 6 weeks is a long time to go without my boys. My brilliant […]

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