The Christmas Bush

13 Dec

I am stuck. This whole grief thing is hard. Especially at Christmas. My plans for this past weekend were derailed by crying bouts & fevers. Assembling the Christmas tree like we’d planned just didn’t happen.

Instead on Monday, G~ was home sick so he & I assembled & light the bottom half of the tree. Then we ran out of lights. I’m about 5 strands in & need at least 3 more. I’m also cheap & refuse to pay non-sale prices for new lights.

I proposed that our ‘tree’ stay a bush & we call it good.

No one else liked that plan very much.

I like it a lot. This way there’s less clean up!

Speaking of clean-up. What is up with that stupid Elf on the Shelf? Do we not have enough things to do without creating messes & chores for ourselves? I am so over the pictures of flour angels, unrolled toilet paper, & marshmallow baths. Show me your stupid Elf with a straw in an empty bottle of wine & I’ll know you’re being real.

While I’m being bah-humbugish, I also think Santa is stupid. I like the St. Nicholas story but Santa is out of control. If my daughter is going to get a ridiculously expensive doll for Christmas, she’s going to know it’s from me & not some mythical character. Plus, Santa totally says to non-Christians that Jesus is not enough. And when you push Santa, at what age do you magically expect your kids to celebrate the real reason for the holiday?

Argue with me if you want. I’ll just mumble things about you behind your back đŸ˜‰

It doesn’t look good for tree assembly this coming weekend either. E~ has his Lego League competition on Sunday. We’re not ready so there will be practice on both Friday & Saturday, plus a piano party & a cookie party. Oh, & J~ & I are hiring a new sitter, E~, to watch the kids so we can go to a movie. Then the week is full of the usual stuff plus two trips to Rural City for an Adoption Ceremony & then 2 days later for a baptism.

The Christmas Bush might just stay due to lack of time.

Or maybe we’ll revive that tradition of yore when kids would come downstairs on Christmas Day & find the tree decorated.




One Response to “The Christmas Bush”

  1. romperroom December 14, 2012 at 11:31 am #

    Our elf is currently hiding in our tree. He’s been there for 3 days and I’m hoping the kids don’t find him. He was supposed to be just a fun “I spy” type game, but Kindergarten has really ruined our downplaying of Santa and the elf. Ugh.

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