*Dramatic, Heavy Sigh*

8 Nov

Oh wait. This isn’t facebook.


Aren’t you thrilled the election is over?! No matter the outcome: No more ads! No more knocking at the door! No more phone calls!

I am thrilled!

I’m even more thrilled that the sting of defeat seems to be lessening on facebook. Now I can go back to liking my more conservative friends again 😉


Other news,

Hmmmm. There’s got to be something!

I think I’m going to get an iPhone. I would like a new phone. I have a smart phone but it’s kind of stupid. The boys think that E~ will inherit my old phone & then G~ will inherit E~’s old phone. Keep dreaming kids!

I get to escape this weekend with my friend C~ for a shopping trip. Our two big stops? Penzey’s & Trader Joe’s.  I know you’re jealous. I’m hoping TJ’s isn’t sold out of their pumpkin pancake mix or the trip will be a partial waste.
Although can a trip ever be a waste if you’re out with your bestie & no kids?

Gah. I really need to get something done.



One Response to “*Dramatic, Heavy Sigh*”

  1. Julie M. November 8, 2012 at 7:32 pm #

    I have the Galaxy S3 smart phone and I just LOVE it! I recommend it 🙂

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