Hello? Willpower?

1 Nov

I have a weakness for chocolate & peanut butter. Know what the most popular candy is for the neighborhood? Reese’s.

I’m in trouble.

A few years ago we decided to limit the candy the kids could keep from trick or treating. Our neighborhood gives out an insane amount of candy. Anyway, we have the kids pick out 20 things they want to keep & the rest gets sent to J~’s work so the unhealthy people can stay unhealthy.

His words.

E~ has used our Candy Edict to his advantage.

This year we let him roam the neighborhood with his fellow hooligans & they had their territory covered in record time. E~ came home high as a kite from his sugar rush & his successful night of candy accumulation. Although his bag wasn’t nearly as full as his siblings who didn’t cover nearly the same territory. Apparently E~ & his friends spent quite a bit of time swapping. E~ traded half his candy for a second can of pop (we have a Coke house in the neighborhood. Thankfully it’s Coke with a capital ‘C’). Then he traded half of what was left for a full size candy bar. He figured since he wasn’t going to get to eat all that stuff anyway, he may as well trade it away for some good stuff.

It was a proud moment. The kid was resourceful enough to use his boundaries to his advantage.

Every once in a while, we parents get a glimpse that our kid just might turn out okay 😉




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