Shopping Buddy

26 Oct

Today T~ stayed home from school. She started coughing late this week & it’s gotten steadily worse. I had to make a run to Target so T~ tagged along.

It was just like old times. It was nice to have someone else’s opinion on things like, what kind of apples to buy (Sweet Tango), what chips to get (plain & dip), what candy to choose for my meeting this afternoon. As we usually did last year, the trip ended at Starbucks for a hot chocolate. I was really enjoying the company & then the questions started.

Some questions were entertaining:

  • Why do you drive the van with your feet instead of buttons like in Mario Kart?

Some were tempting:

  • Why don’t we stop at McDonald’s for a hashbrown?

Some made me wish I had an iPhone with Siri:

  • Why is it cold if the sun is shining?
  • Why can’t Kindergartener’s learn cursive?

And some were downright annoying:

  • If 5 comes after 6 why doesn’t Neighborhood Elementary have 6th grade?
  • Where do 6th graders go?

Annoying because she has been hanging around Neighborhood Elementary for 3 years now & her brother is in 6th grade! I know she hadn’t just noticed that he wasn’t in the same school as her & she’s been out to his new school a few times already. I am unreasonably annoyed at her need to hear herself talk.



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