Rainy Monday Morning Work Avoidance Post

22 Oct

My Dad is the King of Random Texts. Yesterday’s gem was “What do you think about wigs?”

My reply was confusion. It should have been:

“What do you think about tailless cats?”


“What do you think about dead batteries?”

Maybe that would have alleviated his frustration over my mom’s intense dislike of showering.


Speaking of random, I am the Queen of Random Blog Posts!

E~ had a birthday last week. He is now 12.

I’ll give you a moment & let that sink in.


It truly took no time at all for E~ to go from this:

to this.

E~ celebrated his birthday with yet another Star Wars Lego & a party with 6 of his friends. The plan was to have supper & spend the rest of the evening playing football & Green Ghost, aka Ghost in the Graveyard. Only it rained. Instead we played Four on a Couch. We played the game often during our years in Rural City. There was an instance of a broken lamp & numerous accusations of cheating, which I must say, we were great at 😉 E~’s group of friends picked up on the nuances of cheating fairly quickly. Every single boy who was here for the party was a first-born. Talk about a room full of Alpha Males.

Nonetheless, everyone had a good time & I didn’t need a stiff drink after they all went home.


My appointment with the foot store was a success. If by success you mean spending a lot of money. I shelled out $80 for a pair of insoles. I didn’t want to like them. I really wanted them to be a waste of money, just to prove my point that arch supports are of the devil, but it was not to be. They actually work. I went on a 3.5 mile hill walk yesterday & the only thing that hurts today is my hip. Now that I’m not overcompensating for my PF, muscles that haven’t been used in a while are getting a bit of a workout.


J~ & I have been doing a lot of lunch dates. We’ve visited some of our favorite places a few times, but last week we ate at a pita place & now all I can think about is the Chicken Shawarma Pita. I suppose I could learn how to make them, but what fun is that?

Now that I’m good & hungry, I should make my menu for the week & the grocery list.



2 Responses to “Rainy Monday Morning Work Avoidance Post”

  1. Tracy @ My Minivan Rocks! October 29, 2012 at 3:56 pm #

    Well, what DO you think about wigs? And is your dad thinking of getting one?

    • K~ October 31, 2012 at 9:10 am #

      I think there are certainly circumstances where wigs are a great thing. I think we should probably start with a hat though.

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