Sleep. Blessed Sleep.

15 Oct

We are on the tail end of a lovely 4 day weekend. We all really needed it.

Twice, I was able to stay in bed until 9. It’s amazing to have kids that are old enough to get their own cereal & entertain themselves. The nicest thing about this break was that we had very little on the calendar. Soccer, church stuff, & a few dental appointments – nothing requiring huge effort on my part.

The worst part of the entire weekend has been trying to get the boys moved to their new bedrooms. E~ was most distraught about having to clean his room out so G~ could move into it. He was hoping to transfer his piles of crap from his small room to the larger room. I finally gave up & told them I didn’t mind if they never switched but I wasn’t going to spend one more minute going through his junk while he rebuilt his Lego’s. That motivated him into a little bit of action. I think their bedding has now been switched. I was joking originally when I said I might be done with this project by Thanksgiving. Looks like the joke might be on me.

At least I’m not hosting Thanksgiving this year. Otherwise the pressure would be on.


Have I mentioned lately that my left foot & I are not getting along? My old buddy Plantar Fasciitis has been a fairly constant companion for the last year & a half & I am beyond frustrated. I’ve done 3 cortisone shots, tons or stretching, tons of ice, tons of resting & in return, I still have pain. My most comfortable shoes are these & it’s no longer sandal weather. I have a few shoes that are tolerable but none of them are good for going on a hike or a bike ride. I have now ordered 8 pairs of shoes from Zappos & am trying to decide if amputation might be my best option. Keens, Merrels, Ahnu, Brooks, & Asics, have all failed me. Tomorrow I have an appointment at a foot store to look into some geriatric shoes, although I’m hoping to find some sort of insert that will help until we can reload the flex account & I can go to physical therapy in my quest for a Medical Miracle, a successful treatment for my PF.

Now it’s time to work on another miracle – supper before 6:30.



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