Fall Means:

5 Oct
  • Leaves – lots & lots of leaves. The kids love Fall. And what’s not to love? We have a large tree that drops copious amounts of leaves which they then rake into piles & ride their wagons through. Last year our yard was raked on a daily basis by my 3 kids & any number of neighbor kids. This year has been no different. Well maybe a little different. The kids raked an elderly neighbor’s yard & there are plans to rake a house across the street today after school. G~ wanted to charge for their services but I think he’s having too much fun.
  • Conferences – I usually enjoy these. Who doesn’t love to go listen to the teacher talk about how awesome their kids are? At least that’s how I felt until last year when we had our first rough conference. Out of the blue, one of our children became the worst student the teacher had ever seen & while this child can be somewhat ornery, what the teacher was describing was really out of character. I was really upset & worried & then found out many of the parents in the class had similar conferences. Problem solved – it’s not my kid, it’s the teacher. And it was, to a certain extent. This year, the same child is struggling. He doesn’t follow directions, he’s out of his seat; he’s the ADD Poster Child. I was hoping he had just cultivated some bad habits last year & then I watched him in class. He’s off to the dr. next week. The nice thing though, is he has a wonderful teacher. She gets him. She helps him as much as possible to stay on task & is very good with gentle reminders. She doesn’t penalize him for things that seem out of his control. G~ (yes, in case you hadn’t figured it out yet, I’m talking about G~) became rather demoralized last year with constantly being in trouble, which led to him not caring which led to some disrespectful behaviors (that didn’t last, we don’t do disrespect around here).  This year’s teacher, Ms. Fedora-Pasture, really wants G~ to feel good about himself & school & I really appreciate what she’s trying to do. It’s very refreshing after last year. T~’s conference went fine. School was designed for T~. She loves everything about it. Her reading is coming along nicely, she’s made some nice friends, & is enthusiastic every moment she’s in the building. E~’s conferences are next week. I have no idea what to expect. Some of his teachers left me feeling rather cold after the Meet The Teacher Night, but E~ doesn’t complain or really say much about any of them. He has a clear favorite; it just happens to be a teacher that gets very mixed reviews from parents. I’m trying to reserve judgement.
  • Birthdays – All the kids have Fall birthdays which means I need to figure out what they want. E~ wants money for some Really Expensive Lego. I want to set fire to the Lego mess, although I bet that would smell terribly. G~ wants another Wii game for the Wii that we hardly ever use & still occasionally gives us the Black Screen of Death. T~ wants a CuddleUppet but what she’s probably going to get is a ream of printer paper so she will stop taking all of mine. I would love to get the kids each a ticket to our Alma Mater’s Homecoming game & call that their birthday gifts. Maybe it’s because they are gone all the time, but I’m feeling like gifts of time & togetherness should be higher on the list than toys & video games. There is one other birthday of note in the fall. Charlie turns 14 next week. We’re not usually into celebrating pet birthday’s, but 14 seems like a big one, so I think I’ll try to do something for her – maybe a ride to school at the end of the day so she can bask in the glow of hundreds of kids fawning over her. And a party hat. Every dog needs a party hat!
  • Camping – I love fall camping. We went last weekend with G~’s Cub Scout troop. It was a nice family event & we all had a great time. J~ & G~ were busy doing scout things, E~ & T~ were busy playing with friends & I was busy sitting on a lawn chair chatting with the other parents along for the ride. The weather was perfect. Not having to cook or plan for anything was even better.
  • Politics – Just kidding! I have many opinions on this subject but I’m trying to gain back readers, not drive them away!



2 Responses to “Fall Means:”

  1. shoes October 5, 2012 at 1:05 pm #

    I am a big fan of fall too! I love the changing of the leaves, the crispness in the air, and the excuse to make lots of mini pumpkin muffins! 🙂

  2. Wendy October 5, 2012 at 5:34 pm #

    G and J are truly LONG lost seaparated at birth cousins. We too had a doc appt this week, however, no ADD or ADHD diagnosis. Seems a touch of anxiety mixed with difficulty with math, a not so engaging educator and immaturity seem to be the culprit. We are pulling out our hair at home, plus seeing lower than typical grades. Ug,,,,,

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